Designing the GPMT logo – who we are in one image.

The Grizzly Peak Model Trains logo should evoke a playful nostalgia with a touch of mystery. It should resonate with the heart of our project: a love of rail travel, engineering, history and bears too.

We’re on our way to defining our identity, our purpose and vision. I’m not a graphic designer by trade so we’ll see where we end up, but one thing I know for sure: I want the logo to have a bear on it.  A bear on a train says “destination fun.” It embodies imagination, adventure and the wild frontier of 3D printing.

Logo study: trains Source: Google images

Logo study: train logos. Google images.

Logo Study: Bears. Source: Google Images

Logo Study: Grizzly Bears. Google images.

I found for cool Roman fonts and train silhouettes. I’m looking at our upcoming models, image searching logo designs, train logos and bears and of course there’s plenty of tips (10 to be exact) from the pro’s:

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